scrap car removal

scrap car removal

scrap car removalWe remove scrap cars from the greater Vancouver Area on a daily basis.

Last week we towed about 30 junk cars from the following cities:

  • 3 Junk cars from Vancouver : one corolla, one Buick, and one Oldsmobile
  • 4 scrap cars from Burnaby : two Toyota Camry, one Chevrolet Savana.
  • 5 import cars from Surrey : 2 Honda Civics,one corolla, one Camry, and Toyota 4Runner
  • 3 import & 4 domestic cars from Richmond: Camry, Isusu trooper,Geo metro, Ford Focus
  • 2 cars from South Surrey: Ford Winstar, dodge Caravan.
  • 2 Truck and two small cars from North Vancouver : Ford F-150 , Chevy S10,
  • 1 car from pit Meadow: Dodge Caravan
  • one truck from Langley: Ford F250
  • 2 small cars from Cloverdale: a Toyota and Honda

We paid cash for all cars that were pretty much junk and transported them to scrap yard for further recycling process.




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