Scrap car removal service

Our Service includes:

Scrap car removal service, which includes the removal of old Truck, SUV’s Vans, small cars and even motor cycle.

We also remove Heavy machinery, including Bulldozer, cranes, loader and so on..

Scrap metal removal is also part of our business practice. We can take away your junk ferrous ¬†and non-ferrous metal. For scrap metal, there is quantity restriction. The minimum load that we can pick it up, must me at least one ton. We don’t pickup small loads.

For junk car removal service, just need to call us and we will send a tow truck to come and tow your car. Our tow truck drive will pick up your car and give you cash right on the spot, very easy transaction.

Our service is easy:

  • Call us and tell us about your junk car, then we give your price over the phone
  • We come to our house and pay you top cash for your car and tow away your vehicle.
  • That’t pretty much as easy as it can be.